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A Quick Guide to KFS Easy Eat Utensil:

KFS Easy Eat Utensil’s awesome features:

Rocker Knife

The KFS Easy Eat Utensil’s Rocker knife is ideal for individuals with use of only one hand.  Serated curved blade with wide easy grip handle makes cutting safe and easy. The blade is set well back from the tines so that it does not touch the lips when using the fork or spoon. Simply Brilliant… Even if we do say so ourselves.

Easy to use Fork

The tines of the fork are long enough to secure portions of food but short enough and broad enough to provide optimum safety for disabled or elderly users. The fork is approached from the front, the spoon, from the side, and the knife remains underneath, well away from the mouth.

Deep Spoon

Food can be kept more securely on the spoon if the bowl of the spoon is deep. Less spillage. Easy sipping of soups and other liquids from the side of the spoon.  Designed so that knife is well away from mouth. The KFS deep bowl spoon is specially shaped to make  sipping from them easier, safer and manageable even with tremors.

Can Opener

Apart from being the safest combination of knife, fork and spoon for everyone with any movement or gripping disability, the KFS Easy Eat also provides a neat solution to opening up beverage cans. Built into the back of the handle is a recess with a lip shaped specifically to get under and leverage up lift tabs on beverage cans. Simple, safe and easy to use with a wide grip.

Twist Top Bottle Opener

Just when you thought it was impossible for the KFS Easy Eat to offer even more value and assistance to everyone with a disability or limited ability to grasp items tightly… Like twist tops on bottles… Another great inbuilt solution appears. Yes, it really does open twist top bottles using the bottle top shaped recess under the handle. Twist tops fit snugly into the space. Simply twist the KFS to remove tops.

Use One Hand Only

Using cutlery is usually a two handed task – the food is secured by a fork in one hand, whilst the other hand uses a knife to  cut the food.  The KFS Easy Eat Combination cutlery overcomes this  easily.The KFS Easy Eat Utensil is the ideal dining companion for any person with any handicap that limits their ability to feed themselves.

About KFS Easy Eat Utensil:

LifeINStyle_logoLife in Style Products Offers KFS to Help Disabled People Manage Self-feeding and Cutlery. Life in Style Products, an Australia-based and now international company specializing in providing medical products for disabled people, offers an innovative product known as KFS, which is designed to manage self-feeding and cutlery. The said product, having the length and width of a standard spoon, is a revolutionary all-in-one spoon, fork and knife , bottle opener, incorporating both a twist top opener and a tool to assist opening ring pull beverage cans. The target market for the KFS Easy Eat Utensil is anyone who suffers from self feeding difficulty caused by age related limitations, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, tremors, lost limbs or arthritis as well as those whose profession is concerned with care-giving. The KFS Utensil is highly durable and constructed of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a high impact, high strength, flame-resistant, and dishwasher-safe material. The utensil is then coated in chrome and is tough and durable with a long lasting, highly reflective finish. It can also easily cut through any kinds of meat, as its blade has a well-designed shape for cutting. Also, the spoon’s base is shaped to push the meat, or foods to be cut, apart as the knife smoothly moves through it. The KFS is also very safe to use. The knife blade section is specially designed positioned back from the base of the fork so that tongue or lips cannot get within the knife area. It also does not mark bench tops, ceramics or glass. Life in Style Products claims that it will make feeding easier. It takes about 20 minutes to feed a disabled person, but only takes 20 seconds for them to learn how fast and easy it is to feed themselves with the KFS. With the 100% satisfaction-guarantee, innovative features and convenience provided by KFS, it has successfully gained the trust of users around the world shortly after its launch in the market.

KFS is designed for people who suffer from the following conditions:


Helps stroke survivors and patients with partial paralysis to do self-feeding.

Parkinson’s disease

Eating would be easier even with tremors & other symptoms associated with the Parkinson’s disease.


KFS overcomes physical limitations and gives back the dignity of self-feeding.


Makes eating and tasks like cutting food, opening bottle lids & opening of beverage cans easier.

The Elderly

KFS Easy Eat Utensil helps elders especially those who have difficulty grasping utensils.

Visually Impaired

KFS Easy Eat Utensil helps those who are blind or visually impaired because it is easy to use with just one hand.

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Buy your KFS utensil today and see what a difference it makes to your life or to the life of someone you care for.

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What is KFS made from?
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) this material is high strength, high impact, flame resistant, dishwasher safe, a very durable and long lasting material.
Will the KFS cut through meat such as steak?
Yes as the blade has a specially designed shape for cutting, the base of the spoon is shaped to part the steak as the knife moves through the steak
Will the knife cut my lip when using the fork?
Absolutely not. The knife section is designed to be placed back from the fork base and shaped so that, with normal use, your lip will never get within the area of the knife.
Will the KFS cut or mark glass or ceramics or bench tops?
No. While the KFS is tough enough to cut food and withstand hndreds of dishwashes, it will not damage typical kitchen work surfaces.
How long will they take to deliver?
Delivery through Royal Mail UK or Courier should be no longer than 2 to 3 days. International, usually no longer than 6-10 days.
Has the KFS been endorsed or approved by any bodies?
KFS Easy Eat has been endorsed by Griffith University and numerous user groups.
What is the size of the KFS?
It has the same length and width of the standard spoon.
Is the KFS suitable for children to use?
It it more safe and easier for children to use than the conventional knife, fork or spoon
Where can I buy buy the KFS?
You can buy it online at this site. You can also find it on our Amazon and Ebay pages. Order from this site for fast, personal order handling. It will be shipped from our UK/Euro warehouse same day.
Can you ship orders the KFS internationally?
Yes, we can ship it anywhere. Standard Delivery charges apply.

What customers say about KFS Easy Eat Utensil

“I had a stroke 2 years ago and lost the use of my right hand that made it difficult to eat, after being shown the Knife Fork and Spoon, after one use I bought one and use it all the time, I can now go to a Restaurant and eat without being embarrassed”

Jim Ryan

North Shore,NSW

“My wife and myself are in our 80s and suffer from Arthritis and find it quite hard to hold a fork knife or spoon, when we saw the KFS and held it we found it so much easier to hold onto because of the wide handle and much steadier to eat with”

Mr. Jack Stevens

Coffs Harbour, NSW

“As an amputee the most aggravating part of my condition is eating, where I have to constantly change from knife to fork to be able to eat my meal, now using the KFS spoon it is so much easier, not having to change utensils during the course of a meal. I could not do without it.”

Peter Simmons

Sunshine Coast,QLD

“I have used the KFS Easy Eat for a month now and am thrilled with the ease and reduced pain I have when eating. Many years ago I suffered a mechanical accident which left my right hand severly damaged. Eating was always painful and embarrasing; as I had to ask for help at times. This is no longer the case. THANKS SO MUCH!”

Sally Hartfield

Freemantle, WA

News Reports and Endorsements:

KFS Easy Eat Utensil has been reviewed by a representative of the Griffith University and this document is a summary of the Griffith University (Gold Coast campus) report titled “Biomechanic & Ergonomic report on the Knife Fork Spoon”. Click HERE or on the logo at the left side to view the file.

KFS Easy Eat Utensil has been featured by OUR TIMES and was found to be Highly Regarded, Highly Effective and Makes Life Easier for people suffering from the difficulty of self-feeding due to different circumstances.


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Buy your KFS utensil today and see what a difference it makes to your life or to the life of someone you care for.